Sunday, 2 June 2013

Great expectation in Wantage this morning with the triangulation of three calendrical constellations: Her Majesty's 60th anniversary of Coronation, Ray's Wantage Carnival and the Solemnity of Corpus Christi: our feast day of thanksgiving for Holy Communion.

The sunshine filled the church up with smiling faces.

There followed prayerful and uplifting worship. The sermon: God feeds us in this sacrament with his own life, the love that fills heaven itself. The Eucharist is how God nourishes us into being 'who we most need to be': always forgiven, accepted and fulfilled, in readiness for our eternal life. Procession of the Sacrament at the end of Mass, our tiniest members toddling in front to line the way with petals and fragrant leaves. Our preacher's words echoed: We gaze on him who leads us into the heavenly places, his band of pilgrims and beloved friends. Benediction sent us on our way to the carnival.

Bacon rolls and muffins in the sun. Your blogger didn't quite muster the courage for the helter-skelter.

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